The Ten Ten Program

After 22 years (1989-2011) of research and trading focused primarily on S&P futures and S&P Options, W&L began, in 2011, the process of developing a rigorously tested intermediate timing model which would be Mutual/Exchange Fund switch friendly. The endeavor’s mandate was not one of competition with the S&P, but is to: 1.) Never have a losing calendar year, 2.) Never experience a 10% intrayear drawdown, and 3.) Provide, on average, a double digit return over each decade. Thus, the 10/10 name, double digit returns absent 10% drawdowns. Our approach was to rely upon a compilation of what we consider to be the handful of our A+ intermediate, timing signals bestowed upon us over the last 22 years, in combination with stringent risk management and volatility control records. The 1950-2014 back tested track record does this, and the program is now (as of 2013) being utilized to manage a subset of the retirement, mutual fund timing programs which the company manages, whose objectives are primarily asset preservation with a modest level of conservative S&P participation.

The advisor manages this securities program above as an Investment Advisor.